Truth is a Lie Unveiled

Until your testimony is told, you can’t tell the truth. It is in exploring the arts i.e writing, music, painting…. all forms of creativity that lies start showing up in the paint to be painted in the colour of love. This new painting then becomes the truth.

In these poems, I was inspired by the lies on which the foundation of our society is built. Whether it is government or the butcher down the road, telling lies is a degree we must have earned when the thief Barabbas was freed in Jesus’ place. Truth was crucified….

Therefore, in this edition, I thought we could all navigate the rabbit hole from which lies are fed. And explore truth, but in truth being synonymous with a lie, one can’t exist without the other. When you discover the truth, that was the lie on her face. In other words, it is paradoxical, the lie is the hidden truth just like the night is the sleeping day, the woman is the yin to the man and the man is the yang to the woman. Now you see one and when that disappears, the other appears. This is the game we are here to play until we merge in one facet through creativity. When here or there disappears; the soul emerges – we’re home!

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